Vision Therapy Success Stories

“We are grateful to have found out what was causing our daughter to have trouble with her reading and getting frustrated so fast when reading or doing certain activities (schoolwork, exercise, athletics). We saw improvement throughout her entire time we were here with her and at the end her confidence and ability to read out loud and to herself and do her homework is greatly improved. She loved attending each therapy session and was very comfortable with you. Thank you for helping her to achieve her goals!”

Mom, 9 y/o daughter

“We were recommended for vision therapy evaluation by our son’s occupational therapist and are so happy to have worked with Dr. Vasilakos. Our son always looked forward to his visits and time spent. His academics over the last thirty weeks have improved immensely and he is reading all the time! About halfway through the program we noticed major changes not only with his academics, but it should be noted with his behavior and attitude towards schoolwork and concentration as well as improved self esteem and far less frustration. Thank you Dr. Vasilakos!"

Mom, 7 y/o son

“My son has complicated set of conditions with ADHD complicating his eye condition. I was not sure we could convince him to engage in a complete treatment. Dr. Laura’s patience and firm but pleasant nature was really effective, and I was delighted to see hm work hard to complete the exercises and try to please Dr. Laura. I think the biggest improvement in sports which was so important to our som. I also see a big improvement in his self confidence”.

Mom, 9 y/o son

“Our daughter had a great experience. Each session was engaging and held her attention. The homework was manageable and helpful. The therapy was effective. Our daughter enjoys reading so much more. Homework is less difficult. She is Happier!"

Mom, 10 y/o daughter

“I have seen a remarkable change in my son’s reading, writing and confidence. His teacher has commented that due to his increased reading ability, he is no longer frustrated at school and pays attention more often”.

Mother of 11 year old son

“It has been a big learning and working experience for us all. Our daughter has made leaps and bounds in her progress with this vision therapy. It is wonderful to see her so much more confident. All the hard work paid off.”

Mom - 7 year old girl

“We had a very positive experience with Dr. Laura.  She is very knowledgeable, professional and extremely good with kids.  Our son also had a very positive experience.  He made tremendous progress with focus and tracking, and his reading eval school performance have improved greatly.  The vision therapy program was arduous at times, but we are so glad that our son stuck with it.  His new skills will be invaluable to him”.

Mom of 9 year old boy

“It was great to see my daughter’s progression over her visits.  She also enjoyed coming to her appointments and particularly took pride in showing us what she had learned and progressed in.  She really enjoyed the part of the curriculum that was computer based.”

Dad of 8 year old girl

“Over the year the gradual improved vision showed positive impact on reading skills, ability to sound out words and stay focused on sentence structure and continuity. My son’s writing has gotten better. His self confidence has improved with regards to discussion on material read. He has seen improvement with baseball hitting and fielding, obvious tracking improvement on the ball and mark to throw at.”

Dad of 14 year old boy

Ryan’s reading, attention and abilities greatly improved through Dr. Laura’s program. As importantly, Ryan enjoyed the exercises. We felt Dr. Laura had a great demeanor and easy manner which made Ryan feel comfortable with her

Ryan, age 6 (written by mother)

I thought Dr. Laura was very nice.  She had lots of ideas of things for me to do.  Some of them were fun, but others were challenging.  I learned more about how my eyes work and how I can make them focus.  She helped make my eyes stronger so I can see better.

Emily, age 8

As a parent, I was very impressed by Dr. Vasilakos program.  She was kind, caring and you could easily tell she really enjoys the work she does.  Dr. Vasilakos was also very professional and has an extensive knowledge of how the eyes work and how to fix problems with them.  She had a wide variety of home therapy exercises to keep my daughter engaged in the work in a fun way.  Dr. Vasilakos kept me up to date on every therapy session…  She took the time to explain each step as well as its purpose… We had an amazing results with Dr. Vasilakos and I would highly recommend her to anyone need vision therapy.

Melissa, Parent