Visual Information Processing Evaluation

A Visual Information Processing (VIP) Evaluation consists of a several tests that examine our brains ability to analyze and interpret meaning from the visual information that we gain through our eyesight.  The brain, not the eyes, processes the visual world.

Signs of a Visual Information Processing Problem

  • Difficulty using each sides of their body simultaneously as well as independently
  • Difficulty knowing the difference between right and left on their body
  • Problems knowing right and left of other objects, including letters
  • Difficulty analyzing and giving meaning to visual information that is in his/her environment
  • Trouble copying from the board to his/her paper
  • Struggling to remember details of an object for immediate recall
  • Challenges with eye-hand coordination tasks

The time required for the VIP evaluation is 1 hour. Upon completion of this testing, results will be scored and a report will be written.   This report will be reviewed during a 45-minute parent conference, which is scheduled one week or later after the VIP evaluation is completed.  Recommendations for treatment can include optometric vision therapy, a referral to another professional (e.g. tutor, psychologist, occupational therapist), as well as classroom recommendations.

Visual Information Processing Evaluations Include:

Bilateral integration

Can your child use each side of their body simultaneously as well as independently?  A reduction can be related to reduced fine-motor skills.


Does your child know the difference between right and left?


Can your child identify the orientation of an object in relation to its position of another object?

Visual perception

Does your child have the ability to see, analyze and give meaning to the visual information that in his/her environment?  Problems with problems with reading, spelling, handwriting, math and comprehension can occur if their visual perception is inaccurate.

Copying skills

Does your child have difficulty copying from the board to his/her paper?

Visual Memory

Can your child remember details of an object for immediate recall? Problems in this area may be related to poor concentration.

Visual Motor Integration

Does your child have a challenge with eye-hand coordination tasks? Problems with learning to write, drawing simple pictures as well as using classroom tools, such as scissors can demonstrate this difficulty.