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Vision Problem Checklist

Unfortunately, many people do not know the signs of vision problems that interfere with academic success. Most certainly, children rarely report they are having visual difficulties. There are physical clues that point to possible vision problems, but surprisingly, many of the symptoms that would indicate a person is having vision problems seem unrelated to vision. Yet, these symptoms are occurring as a direct result of a vision problem.

Vision Problem Symptom Checklist

If you find that you or your child have 3 or more symptoms below, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment for a full development vision evaluation.
  • Signs of a Vision Problem
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While your child does not appear to have many of the above signs, if your child has attention problems, struggles with reading or has an eye turn (Strabismus) or a lazy eye (Amblyopia) we recommend you schedule an appointment with Dr. Vasilakos.

If your child is doing fine, it is recommended that school-age children have a routine eye exam by an optometrist once a year.

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