Between the ages of 6 and 12 months, Dr. Vasilakos will provide your baby with a FREE vision and eye health assessment.

During the Infant See examination, Dr. Vasilakos will be answering the following questions of your child:

  • Does the patient history suggest a problem?
  • Can the baby see?
  • Are the eyes straight?
  • Are the eyes healthy?
  • Is intervention necessary?

Why is an infant visual evaluation necessary?  Prevention!

Many visual and eye health issues are best addressed as early as possible to promote better outcomes.  The baby will sit on the parent’s lap while Dr. Vasilakos examines their eyes.  The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes, which includes a dilation, though much smaller concentration than an adolescent or adult.

Your child could be at risk for visual issues if any of the following occurred during pregnancy or delivery:

  • Prematurity, low birth weight, oxygen at birth
  • Family history of eye diseases such as retinoblastoma, congenital cataracts, or metabolic or genetic disease
  • Infection of mother during pregnancy (e.g., rubella, toxoplasmosis) or drug/alcohol use during pregnancy
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, cytomegalovirus, or HIV
  • Difficult or assisted labor, which may be associated with fetal distress or low Apgar scores

Schedule your FREE Infant See evaluation with Dr. Vasilakos today by calling 781-829-9400.