Bright Children with vision problems can struggle with reading

Even if your child has 20/20 vision, it doesn’t mean that their eyes are working together correctly. This can lead to difficulties in school that are often overlooked.

Stop Nearsightedness
from Getting Worse

Nearsightedness (Myopia), often starts at a young age and if not addressed correctly, can lead to stronger and stronger prescriptions and additional eye health complications. Learn about our modern techniques for controlling this condition.

Advanced Non-Surgical Treatment for Lazy Eye

New research is confirming what we have known for years; thanks to optometric vision therapyit is never too late to treat a lazy eye!

COVID Updates and Precautions

We need to take precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.  We would appreciate your help in implementing the following steps:

  • Upon arrival at our office, please stay in your car.    Call or text 781-829-9400 to let us know you have arrived.

  • While in your car, you will be asked the standard COVID screening questions to confirm those that enter have no fever, cough, shortness of breath, or known exposure to anyone with COVID-19.

  • Prior to entering the office, we will be taking each patient’s (and accompanying adult) temperature with a non-contact infrared thermometer.  Anyone with a fever over 100.4 degrees will be asked to reschedule their appointment (minimum 14 days later).

  • We need to limit the number of people in the office at any one time.  We hope you understand that only the patient will be allowed into the office unless a minor, in which case 1 adult will be allowed to accompany them.
  • All patients age 2 or older needs to wear masks while in the office.  Masks will be available for purchase if you forgot yours.

  • For examinations with Dr. Vasilakos, hand sanitizer, available at the check-in window, will be required of all patients and any accompanying adult.

  • For vision therapy patients, handwashing is required at the start of their in-office therapy session.   Parents/family members are asked to remain in their car until their child’s therapy session has concluded.  Parents will be given a time to return to pick up their child.  Upon completion of a session, the therapist will invite the parent, who must sanitize their hands after entering the office, into the therapy room to review home vision therapy procedures and to answer any questions.

Does Your Child Have a Vision Problem?

Do the Vision Symptom Checklist

How Vision Affects The Ability to Learn

The Vision & Learning Connection

Stop Nearsightedness from Getting Worse

Myopia Control Clinic

1 Out of 4 Children Suffer from a Vision Problem
Interfering with their ability to learn and achieve in school

The ability to see clearly (20/20) is just one part of being able to read & learn easily.

During the early years of childhood, the brain develops more than 15 visual skills that allow normal functioning, reading & learning. When a child does not have one or more of these skills, he or she will often also have reading and/or attention difficulties.

As a specialist in vision development, Dr. Vasilakos works with children & adults to develop these essential visual skills. Vision problems, such as these, can be mistaken & misdiagnosed as an attention problem or a learning disability because they cause similar symptoms.

If your child is struggling with reading, has a poor understanding of what's read, or is just not doing as well as you might expect, contact us for an evaluation. 

No Surgery, No Glasses, No Daytime Contacts - Just Clarity

Dr. Vasilakos specializes in an innovative, non-surgical therapy that eliminates the need for glasses or daytime contact lenses and slows down the progression of nearsightedness.  This process is called orthokeratology or ortho-k.

With Ortho-K, specially designed therapeutic contact lenses reshape the eye while you sleep. The contact lenses are removed in the morning for natural clear vision all day long without glasses, daytime contacts or surgery.

Learn More About Ortho-K


Comprehensive Vision Care for the Entire Family

Dr. Laura Vasilakos provides detailed, comprehensive vision examinations for your entire family.

Dr. Laura, as her patients call her, also dedicates herself to services for children including developmental vision evaluations, non-surgical treatment for eye turns (strabismus) and minimal to no patching for lazy eye (amblyopia).

Dr. Laura follows these values when treating her patients:

  • Stronger and stronger prescriptions for glasses and contacts should NOT be the standard.
  • Every child should have the chance to develop the visual skills critical to reading and academic success.
  • There IS a difference between seeing the letters on the eye chart and processing visual information.
  • People have the right to understand their diagnosis and treatment plan so they can make an educated decision about their vision care.

Conveniently located, schedule an appointment to see what solutions Dr. Vasilakos has to offer!

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Dr. Vasilakos is a developmental optometrist specializing in Myopia Control, Ortho-K & Vision Therapy. Serving patients from the surrounding areas of Randolph, Stoughton, Marshfield, Canton, Weymouth, Rockland, Sharon, Abington, Hingham, Hanover, Norwell, Cohasset, Pembroke, Plymouth, Quincy, Kingston.